Festival Fika(s)

The Festival


Founded in 2015 by Christel Durand, the cultural promotion organization FIKA(S) inaugurates its first event in March 2016: the Immersive Festival of Scandinavian and Nordic Kultur and Art. Inspired by the Swedish word fika, which refers to the coffee break or sharing of a privileged moment, this multidisciplinary festival aims to promote the Scandinavian and Nordic way of life by inviting the public to cultural, social and artistic meetings on a human scale. The festival’s main objective is to encourage exchanges and create spaces to meet and explore.

In 1998, Christel Durand discovered the Swedish singer Kristofer Aström, and it was an epiphany! During several years, her passion for the Nordic music grew and very quickly surpassed the music boundaries moving towards the cinema, the design, and the values of cooperation, hospitality, education, equality and environment awareness.

In 2015, inspired by these values and willing to share with a large number of people those musical discoveries, Christel started to think that an event about Nordic lifestyle would have success in Montreal since Canada has a lot of common features with those countries.

Supported by a team of volunteers working on the show and events business, the idea of a festival generated enthusiasm and in no time FIKA(S) obtained the support of cultural partners, Nordic embassies, public, media…

In 2016, the first edition, honored by the presence of Kristofer Aström (in the end kind of the source of this beautiful adventure) was a great success and the second edition confirmed the FIKA(S) potential. In 2019, over 25 000 people attended FIKA(S) ‘s third edition.


Closing Event – FIKA(S) Festival 2016 – 1st Edition
From left to right :
Ariane Perras – Secretary FIKA(S) Board, Kristofer Åström, Jenny Lysander, The Tarantula Waltz, Kristian Matsson (The Tallest Man On Earth), Mélissa Martel – Administrator, Émilie Sénéchal – Tresurear CA, Christel Durand – President, Hugo Paquin – Vice-President and Elsa Lavigne (missing on the photo) – administrator CA.
Photo : Marie Deschene