Festival Fika(s)

The Festival

logo-fikas-nordique-completBased upon the initiative of Christel Durand, a passionate of contemporary scandinavian & nordic music, the adventure of FIKA(S) started in March 2015. The mission of the Immersive Festival of Scandinavian & Nordic Kultur and Art – FIKA(S) is to provide exposure to the Scandinavian & Nordic way of life by sharing music, cinema, gastronomy as well as other distinctive cultural traits from Scandinavia.
The word FIKA(S) is the French acronym for Immersive Festival of Scandinavian Kultur and Art and is inspired by the Swedish word fika, which designates the traditional coffee break in Sweden. It is a moment to pause, have a drink and meet with others in an informal context.


Board of Directors
President of the Board

Christel Durand | Communications Director | Centre de Création O Vertigo

Mélissa Martel Consultant

Bernard Dubreuil | General Manager | Le Patin Libre

Mariane Kaliaguine |
Project Manager | TIESS, Territoires innovants en économie sociale et solidaire.
Elsa Lavigne | Director | Accessibilité universelle en loisir. AlterGo
Ariane Perras | PhD Studient in Urban Studies Research Assistant for the Observatoire des des milieux de vie urbains (OMV).

General Director and Artistic Director : Christel Durand /
Administrative Coordinator : Leslie Mavangui
Music : Cyril Perrot, Émilie Gagné, Louis-Elyan Martin
Cinema : Jenny Brasebin
Translation : Jessica Guzman
Graphism : Audrey Guardia, Maquillage Crustacé
Website : Aurélien Roux

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