Festival Fika(s)

FIKA exhibition January 24 – March 17

From January 24 to March 17, 2019

FIKA exhibition
Bref, 261 Bernard Ouest, Montréal

FIKA exhibition : clean lines, elegant graphics and natural materials.
Connect with  Scandinavian and Québec craftsmen and designers

The Scandinavians, subjected to harsh and dark winters, take great care to arrange the interior of their house to feel at home. It is a philosophy of life for them. They rely on clean lines, elegant graphics and natural materials. A common Nordic DNA brings creators from here to an approach nourished by the same interests and values. Putting side by side Scandinavian and Québec craftsmen and designers in this exhibition highlights this mirror effect.

Some of the participants from here and abroad gathered for the occasion:

  • Darling Clementine [Norway]
  • Arhoj, Flensted, Ferm Living, Bau Design, Strips and Stripes [Denmark]
  • Moomins [Finland]
  • Fine Little Day [Sweden]
  • Appolonie, Apparatus Workshop, Pista [Québec]
  • Gallimard [Québec, with a selection of Scandinavian and Nordic books]
  • Kiosque [Québec, with a selection of international magazines]

Join us at the opening of the exhibition January 24, 2019, at Bref starting at 5:30 p.m.

The theme of the FIKA exhibition was chosen by Bref and journalist Muriel Françoise. To know more.